What are some memory tricks to remember peoples’ names?


Have you ever gone to introduce yourself to someone, only to completely blank on their name? It’s a frustrating feeling, but don’t worry – there are some memory tricks you can use to make sure you never have that problem again! In this article, we’ll share some of the best techniques for remembering names so that you can make a great impression every time.

The Linking Method

The best way to remember someone’s name is to associate it with a positive image or memory. For example, if you meet someone named John, you might think of the John Lennon song “Imagine.” If you meet someone named Sarah, you might think of the beautiful Sarah Bernhardt roses. Try to come up with a creative association for each name you meet, and soon you’ll find that remembering people’s names is a breeze!

Another way to use this method is to create a mental link between the person’s name and something else that you can easily remember. For example, if you meet someone named Sarah, you might think of her as “Sarah with the big smile.” Then, when you see Sarah again, her big smile will remind you of her name.

This method works best if you can come up with a physical characteristic or trait that is unique to the person. However, you can also use this method to link a person’s name to a place, a song, or anything else that will help you remember it. The important thing is to make the link as strong as possible so that you can easily recall it later.

The Repetition Method

One memory trick you can use to remember people’s names is the repetition method. This involves repeating the person’s name several times when you meet them. For example, if you meet someone named John, you would say “Nice to meet you, John” and then repeat his name a few more times throughout the conversation. By the end of the conversation, John’s name will be firmly imprinted in your memory.


There are a number of memory tricks you can use to help remember people’s names. The next time you meet someone new, try one of these techniques and see how well it works for you. With a little practice, you’ll be able to remember everyone’s name in no time at all!

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